Year 6 spent a lovely day in the Cheshire sunshine at Chester Zoo. On arrival they were able to see the 3 baby elephants in their enclosure before carrying on further into the zoo stopping to see a Rhino, vultures and Congo buffalo on the way to the Realm of the Red Apes.

The children paused for a lesson on conservation where they were able to see for themselves the items confiscated by H.M. Customs of illegally traded animals, skins and ivory, that had been seized as they were attempted to be smuggled into the UK. Items included an elephants tusk, an elephants foot – intended to be used as a stool / umbrella stand, crocodile shoes and other crocodile ornaments and cheetah, tiger and snake skins.  The lesson also focused on the impact of hunting/poaching on the rhinoceros species (they are currently being slaughtered for their horns as people believe the rhino horn holds the cure for cancer) and how habitat loss (deforestation) to grow palm tree plantations for palm oil has been so detrimental to the survival of the Bornean and Sumatran orangutans (endangered and critically endangered status’s)

After lunch the children went off exploring and spotting as many animals as possible. Children found the python (the largest in Europe at 27 feet) along with other snakes, lizards and spiders. Children oooohed and aaaaahed as they saw the orangutans, lions, penguins, meerkats, capybara, giant anteater, painted dogs, black rhino, flamingos, zebras and giraffes amongst other animals.

Huge thanks go to Mrs Lea, Mrs Wilson, Mr D’Arch-Smith and Mrs Morris for such a fantastic day and the thanks to the children who were impeccably behaved throughout.