Year 6 Blog

Levers and Pulleys

As well as exciting excursions outside school, Y6 have been busy building levers and pulleys in science using K'Nex.  The science behind it is all to do with forces and how simple machines can multiply forces to make shifting a load easier. Next week we are looking...

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Year 6 Lifesaving

As part of our work on the School Swimming and Water Safety Charter, we had a clothes/pyjama session. The children were split into three groups and completed three different activities. All the activities were designed with falling into open water in mind. After a...

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Year 6 Round Up

Year 6 Round Up Mr. Bettaney, Mrs. Wilson and I would like to say thank you and well done to each and every pupil in Year six for a fantastic term of learning and, to those who took the entrance exam, congratulations on all securing a well earned place at Denstone...

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U11B Cricket v Oldfields Weds 23rd June Away

U11B Cricket V Oldfields Date: Wednesday 23rd June Venue: Away Change at: 1.45pm Lunch at: 12.40 Start Time: 2.30pm End Time : 4.15-4.30pm (Approx) Henry R Thomas J Evie N Imogen James W Matthew W Tom Cundall Jemima Sanders Freya F-W Joe G  ...

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