Our school went to the New Vic theatre to see our yearly play.  We enjoyed it deeply.  Here are our thoughts:

We adored the maypole dancing and were pleased to see their inclusion of young actors and actresses.  The thing we weren’t expecting from the play was fireworks – actual fireworks indoors!  Our favourite parts were when the Prince and the Pauper were both running around being chased and you couldn’t tell who was who apart from their shoes.  Getting all the giggles from the children (and the adults too!)  was the song ‘ Fear the Witch’ which was about one of the characters accusing another of being a witch.  Our favourite character was Lady Mary because of her humour and her phrases.

But in all truthfulness the stars of the show that took all the spotlight were Tom Canty (Pauper) and Edward (Prince).  In conclusion, the show dazzled us like diamonds in the sky.  We would like to thank the organisers of this trip.

By Rosie C, Orla M and Evie N