There is so much to see and do at the Think Tank and we had an amazing day out.  There were exhibitions covering many of the topics that we have or we are currently looking at such (e.g. skeletons, circuits and motors etc).  Our main event was an hour long workshop controlling a Lego robot.  The large Edison Classroom was perfect for the two forms to work together and the children worked in groups of 2 or 3 to program their own robot.  They began with some simple tasks such as directing the robot to move for a few seconds and progressed to programming the robot to perform a perfect figure of 8 (or not quite perfect!).  The last challenge was to use the robot’s sensors to get the robot to stop, as close as they could get it, to the wall.  The pair who were able to get their robot closest to the wall were Finley and Louis, however most of the children did very well and it was a close call.  The end of the session came far too soon and we agreed that we could have stayed there for at least another hour but we needed our lunch and to explore the rest of the museum.   The Science Garden was a brilliant area for the children and after lunch they had a great time playing with the equipment.   A big thank you to Mrs Emmerson-Friend for organising such a fun trip!