Year 4 were given a challenge to see if they could find out which insulating material would keep Mrs McMahon’s soup warm.  They were provided with three cups each made of different materials (cardboard, plastic and polystyrene) and were asked to predict which material would keep the soup warm for longer and therefore provide better insulation.  They devised an experiment to test their prediction and carried out their experiment during the lesson (instead of soup the children had to use tea but felt that this would give them same results).  There was lots of discussions about the fairness of the experiment and the variables involved in their experiment.  The amount of tea in each cup, the location of the cups, time that the temperature of the tea is taken and the type of thermometer being the constant variables, and the independent variable being the type of insulator (card, plastic or polystyrene).  Following their experiment and recordings, the children provided a summary of their findings along with their conclusions.  Hopefully now they will be able to send their results to Mrs McMahon so that she can give out soup in the cups that are better insulators and will keep the soup hotter for longer in the winter months!