The Challenge:  Year 4 have yet again amazed us by designing their own scientific experiment in class today.  They were given the challenge of devising an experiment to find the best method to cool a hot cup of tea as quickly as possible.  The children could choose from various equipment such as; glass beakers, metal and plastic trays, plastic jugs and saucepans.  They were also provided with a hot cup of tea, thermometer and a classroom timer.
The Experiment: They chose to cool their tea over a period of 10 minutes and used lots of different methods to do so.  The children took the temperature of their tea at the start of the experiment and then 10 minutes after.  During the 10 minutes, they used all their efforts to cool the tea down quickly using the equipment of their choice.  The methods included blowing over the top of the tea, pouring it in and out of containers, using trays to pour the tea into, changing the location of their experiment to a shaded area or an area near a window, swashing the tea around the containers, wafting air over the top of the tea and using plastic bowls to pour the tea in and out of.
The Results:  They learned about keeping a control experiment so that they could see what happened to the cup of tea when left alone which they were able to compare to the class results.  This was a hands on and fun lesson and the children learned so much which has helped them to understand the thermal properties of materials along with various conductors of heat.
Well Done Year 4!