Year 4 have started their new Science topic this term and are looking at Moving and Growing.  Last week they looked at the human skeleton and learned names of the bones and the functions of the skeleton.  This week, they have watched a great science video today showing animals then showing the same animal with only its skeleton, it was fascinating watching the cheetah’s skeleton as it was running.

The children recalled the 3 facts:- that skeletons protect vital organs, enable movement and support the body.  James S remembered that the skull protects the brain and that the vertebrae protect the spine.  Leo remembered that the rib cage protects the lung and heart (some great revision from last week!)

After watching the video of animal skeletons, the children compared the bones of a dog to those of a human and saw many similarities;  Seb saw that a dog also has a rib cage, James L mentioned    that dogs and humans have phalanges.  Charlie noticed that dogs have vertebrae like humans, Lydia saw that dogs and humans have a pelvis and Tilly saw that both dogs and humans have skulls to protect their brain.

In the coming weeks we will continue to look at the skeleton and specifically look at reasons why bones may have adapted for certain animals.