As part of Year 4’s Science Topic “Keeping Warm”, the children had to devise an experiment to find out what happens to a freshly poured cup of tea which is left in the classroom for 30 minutes.

The children came up with some great ideas that the tea will get cold but were asked to be much more specific in their predictions.

They then went on to test out the experiment with their own cup of tea by reading the temperature of the tea every 5 minutes over a 30 minute lesson.  (A few children were cheeky enough to ask for milk and two sugars in their tea … obviously they were not permitted to drink the tea as this would completely ruin the experiment!)

The children took their own readings and recorded them, they were encouraged to use the terminology of temperature carefully and accurately (not just 90 but 90 degrees celcius). It was an interesting lesson and the children enjoyed trying to predict what the next temperature reading could be (based on their knowledge of previous readings).  This experiment is ongoing as they will be looking at their recordings and coming up with their results of their investigation.

Well done Year 4!