On Wednesday 11th October, some of Year 3 were introduced to money by our Acting Deputy Head, Mr Cook.  He talked with the children about the difference between pounds(£) and pennies.  Some children made us smile with their examples of British currency, suggesting that a Dollar was a type of British currency.  Luckily Mr Cook had lots of British money which he was able show the children so that they can start to understand more about our own currency.  They began to understand about paying for items, receiving the correct change, knowing what each coin and note looked like (from 1p to £50!)  Their work on currency will continue throughout the term with problem solving, addition and subtraction of money.

Try to encourage your child to work out how much they spend in the supermarket, or how much change they should get from the cashier when paying for a treat, or how many ways they can make 50p using all the different coins, all this experience will help them in their understanding of money.