Our new reading challenge has arrived! Can you win the challenge?

Read on to find out what you need to do…..

Over the next 7 weeks, we would like you to attempt as many of the challenges on the Readopoly board game as you can. You need to move around the board in order to complete each challenge as you go.

There are awards waiting for you in school…

At certain points on the board you will reach an award and earn House credits.

  • Bronze award gets 10 House credits
  • Silver award gets 20 House credits
  • Gold award gets 30 House credits


There is even more …….

  • Anyone who receives a bronze, silver or gold award will be entered into a prize draw for their year group.
  • Anyone who completes the whole board and achieves the gold award will be entered into another prize draw.
  • There will also be extra prizes awarded to those who put a lot of effort into the presentation of their challenges.
  • Finally, there will be yet more prizes awarded to the person in each year group who reads the most books in order to complete the challenge!

You will find a Readopoly board game in your Reading Journal and the competition details have also been emailed to parents and posted on the school website.

Whatever you do, make sure you have evidence for each of the tasks in your Reading Challenge Journal. Please write down the title of the challenge in your Reading Journal and then provide your evidence. A parent or a teacher must sign in your journal to verify that a particular book has been read. Try not to use the same book to complete too many challenges, the aim is for you to read as many new books as possible and you cannot use books that you read on our last reading challenge! Don’t forget there will be a prize for the person in each year group that reads the most books!

Once a challenge has been completed your Form Teacher will stamp the appropriate box on your Readopoly game when they have checked your evidence in your journal. You can read any books that help you complete this challenge!

Please return your Reading Challenge Journal with evidence of all completed tasks by Friday 28th June.

Happy reading!