The children were full of excitement and fun prior to actually going into the gym for their school disco.  Dave Dee was ready and the time had come for the hair brushing, waxing, spraying to stop so the dancing could commence!  As you can see from the photos the children and teachers always enjoy this event (although I’m sure some of the teachers go home with a big headache!!)

A special thank you to the teachers who stay on to supervise our children (we know you have lots of marking and work to do but the children appreciate you all being there!)  Also, thank you to the PTFA who attend the disco to help with snack time, they also pay for this special event (as well as the snacks, drinks and treats for the children).  The fund raising that the PTFA do throughout the year is beneficial to all our children … please continue to support this hard working group in any way you can!  Finally, thanks to Dave Dee, he is always such a fun DJ and encourages the children to laugh, dance (!), lose their inhibitions and have a brilliant time.

Emma Hart