Year 3 Blog

Magnetic Madness!

What is attracted to a magnet? Metal? Is all metal attracted to a magnet? These are some of the questions that Year 3 have been investigating in their science lessons. We’ve had lots of fun starting to learn about our new topic of magnetism this week. The children...

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Year 3 Poetry Festival

Year 3 have been busy this week practising their poem for the Poetry Festival.  This is a big thing for Year 3, they are performing as individuals in front of the class whilst being assessed so there are quite a few nervous children.  They have been brilliant whilst...

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Year 3 Midnight Man

Year 3 have been working on their letters to the Midnight Man (an imaginary mysterious character who “visited” the classroom leaving a box containing stars, a horse shoe, a cloak and an explanatory letter.)  They have been considering how to improve their letter...

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U11B Cricket v Oldfields Weds 23rd June Away

U11B Cricket V Oldfields Date: Wednesday 23rd June Venue: Away Change at: 1.45pm Lunch at: 12.40 Start Time: 2.30pm End Time : 4.15-4.30pm (Approx) Henry R Thomas J Evie N Imogen James W Matthew W Tom Cundall Jemima Sanders Freya F-W Joe G  ...

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