School Sport | A Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind


Things have changed significantly on the sporting front at DCPS over the past few years. While we continue to offer the same number of major team sports each year, every sport is now open to both boys and girls and this has meant that some children are now trying out all six of the main team sports over the course of the year! These include rugby and hockey in Michaelmas term, football and netball in Lent term and cricket and athletics in Summer.

In addition to this, PE and after-school clubs combine to offer the children no fewer than 17 minor sports each year, including swimming, rock climbing, numerous forms of dance, tennis, fencing, golf and gymnastics. Each term, the children have opportunities to try out different sports and we feel very strongly that the right sport is out there somewhere for every child; our job is to help them find theirs!

While we win more matches than we lose, the results of matches against other schools at this age are very much secondary to learning to win with humility and to show magnanimity in defeat. No one succeeds all of the time and one of the best lessons that sport can teach us is how to cope with failure. We want our children to lose the fear of getting something wrong and learning from your mistakes and the first step down this road is often taken on the games field.

Many of our children play sports with local clubs outside school and we have strong relationships with those closest to us, with them frequently using our facilities at weekends and in the evenings.

Every single child will have the opportunity to represent the School during their time with us. We enter a variety of tournaments and festivals and also tailor friendly matches to ensure that they are as close as possible.