Science is a core subject taught across Pre-Prep and Main Prep. In Main Prep the subject is allocated up to 2.5 hours every week, as we feel that science is an incredibly important subject and the knowledge and skills taught can be applied across the curriculum and in life.

The delivery of science is by teachers who possess a real enthusiasm for the subject and this is reflected through the interactive and practical sessions that are taught each term. Most of our science teachers hold a degree in science and so are very knowledgeable in this field.

Each half term the focus will be on a particular science topic; the children will be taught knowledge but most importantly the practical skills that allow them to independently carry out and plan investigations. Investigative science is at the heart of our teaching, from early in Year 3 the children are taught the scientific process of predicting, testing and concluding. As the children progress through the school, they are introduced to the technical vocabulary and will be carrying out investigations using the independent and dependent variables. They will also learn the need for controlling variables to ensure that a test is “fair”.

Our aim for Science is to create confident and competent children who have the desire to find out more. Science involves a huge amount of fun whether it be experimenting with chemical and physical changes in Year 6’s “Spooktacular Science” or learning how the digestive system works in Year 5. We are fortunate enough to have extensive school grounds, so when possible, topic work will be based outside so the children are learning about the real environment and not just from the interactive white board. 

We continue our learning by visiting The Think Tank to allow the children to explore further areas that are covered in school.