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Prep Head Announcement

We are delighted to announce that Tracey Davies will be accepting the role of Head of Prep at The Prep at Denstone College (TPDC).  Tracey has been working hard with the retiring Headmaster of DCPS, Mr Jerry Gear, throughout the last year to ensure a safe transfer of...

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Letter from the Headmaster

14th May 2021 Dear Parents, By the end of this term I will have been a headmaster for over 24 years.  I will also be 60 in April next year. It has always been my intention to retire when I reached the age of 60, while I am still in good health and “young enough” to...

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U11B Cricket v Oldfields Weds 23rd June Away

U11B Cricket V Oldfields Date: Wednesday 23rd June Venue: Away Change at: 1.45pm Lunch at: 12.40 Start Time: 2.30pm End Time : 4.15-4.30pm (Approx) Henry R Thomas J Evie N Imogen James W Matthew W Tom Cundall Jemima Sanders Freya F-W Joe G  ...

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