Art in School | Exploring Creative Talent
Denstone College Preparatory pupils are encouraged to explore their creative talents through an exciting and engaging programme of art in school.  We have a dedicated school art facility where pupils are taught to paint in acrylics and watercolour as well as undertaking printing, clay and three dimensional work.

Specialist art teaching ensures a consistently high standard of work, which is imaginatively displayed throughout the school.  We also invite local artists to come into Denstone Prep to work with the pupils on special school art projects.

For those who demonstrate a talent and passion for school art lessons, there is a lunch time art scholar group to help develop their skills further.  Pupils from this group are encouraged to enter competitions with one Denstone College Preparatory pupil recently reaching the regional final to design a logo for Google.

Art in school is complemented by our design and technology lessons.  Each term, pupils learn a wide variety of new skills encompassing activities such as sewing, food technology and woodwork.  Each term pupils are set a project such as designing a pencil case or making a simple shelter.

These design and technology lessons teach pupils to develop problem solving skills and encourage them to develop an understanding of different materials and their uses.