Pre-Prep 2 have had a busy time with their visit to the Sea Life Centre, Grandparents’ Day rehearsals and most recently their very special Pirate Day! The children enjoyed coming into school dressed in their best pirate clothes and have had a fun filled and rather tiring day of swashbuckling and treasure hunting. The day started with them learning how to speak pirate, they learnt that pirates don’t pronounce their ‘Gs’ and have their own meanings for words. Ask your children how to speak pirate they should all be able to impress you! After a master class on pirate lingo the children were ready to explore the school grounds in search for Pirate Bill’s lost gold! Their pirate clue solving was bountiful and they succeeded in their quest.
After this the children looked at a selection of pirate maps and followed instructions carefully to create their own. They then went on to decorate their own gingerbread pirate using a range of edible decorations. The children were also encouraged to share their amazing homework about all things treasure. They had an amazing day and they were certainly a great crew to have on-board!