PP2 had a wonderful trip to Tesco Uttoxeter. They met up with Sue Brown, Tesco’s Community Champion. She was extremely helpful and showed everyone around the store.  The children went on to learn about bread and had the opportunity to knead their own dough and make their own bread.  After making bread, the children were given a guided tour of the bakery.  PP2 looked at the large mixing equipment and also saw how the bread rolls were made. We also investigated the huge ovens and saw where the bread was wrapped and stored.

After looking around the bakery, the children were taken to the fish counter and they had to find out where the fish on the stand came from. The children also had the chance to hold fish and examine the different types of seafood.

From there they ventured into the large freezers, the children found them to be extremely exciting and very cold! Brrrr!

The children were set another challenge by Sue; they had to find which fruit travelled the furthest distance to get to the store. We found out that much of the fruit and vegetables came from the United Kingdom and that some apples came from as far as New Zealand.

Finally the children got to do a cheese tasting test. They tried Cheddar, apricot and smoked cheeses. The children were fantastic and all gave it a go!  The smoked cheese seemed to be the most popular.

The children were then allowed to take home their bread and taste their labours of the day.

I would like to say a big thank you to Tesco for allowing our school to attend their store and for all the activities that they had organised.

The Manager of the store has praised our children and said that the children were the best behaved children she had seen around the store. So well done PP2!