PP2 have had an amazing Pirate Day, they have enjoyed dressing up and learning to speak like a pirate.  After finding out about the importance of pirate flags, each of our scurrilous pirates made their own designer pirate flag and created their own pirate name.  Now no pirate would be a pirate without their own treasure map, we created a pirate map using map symbols and aged them to make them look over three hundred years old. They are amazing maps Pre-Prep 2, well done!









After a hearty pirate lunch PP2 were challenged to solve Pirate Blackbeard’s clues to find the long lost treasure. They accepted the challenge and set off on their adventure around the Smallwood Island, exploring deep into the darkest woodland and entering the volcanic caves before using the sun to tell the time and crossing the perilous zip wire. Great work Pre Prep Two, you made it and discovered an amazing treasure chest full of yummy chocolate doubloons.

To end the day our adventurous pirates still had not had enough and were eager to continue by decorating their own unique gingerbread pirates. They looked good enough to eat!

Thank you for an amazing fun filled Pirate Day Pre-Prep 2!