Wow what a scorcher! Year 4 are taking part in the John Muir Award Initiative which encourages children to share their wildlife exploration and discoveries with others, and PP1 were excited to be asked to join them on the walk today.  Year 4 luckily planned a much smaller walk than their walk last Monday knowing that there were younger children joining us.  After toilet trips, lots of checking of sunhats, sun cream, water, lunches and backpacks 46 children were ready to begin their walk together.

As we walked in the glorious sunshine, we had quite a few stops in the shade to take in the wonderful views and to drink water and eat a snack prior to lunch.  The PP1 children were helped over some of the trickier stiles by the helpful Year 4 children and the sharing and caring happening as the walk went on was apparent: There were children carrying rucksacks for other children, hand-holding, lots of encouragement, as well as explanations about road safety and the country code.  A well earned lunch break gave us all time to rehydrate again and the packed lunches gave us the energy burst needed to make it from the church back to Smallwood Manor.

Before we got back into our classrooms, we played a great game of sleeping lions under the shade of a large oak tree they were so good at this game that I believe some of the children may have actually been sleeping (I also think that a few of the teachers wanted to join in!)  Many thanks to the Teachers and TA’s for coming along on this walk, I’m sure that we will all sleep well after so much exercise!