Pastoral Care

When choosing a school, we understand the things that are important to you: the standard of education, the facilities and the experience of our staff, but above all of that there is one question that will probably be at the forefront of your mind: ‘Will my child be happy here?’

At The Prep at Denstone College we believe that a happy child is one who is open to learning. As a result, we put the wellbeing of our pupils at the very heart of our philosophy.

TPDC has a family focus and we work hard to create a nurturing environment where every child will thrive. We have a high teacher to pupil ratio, which means that we are able to get to know every child and their family personally. This means that we are able to spot potential problems early and are able to ‘nip them in the bud’.

Pupils are taught the Christian values of good manners, respect and responsible behaviour and understand that they are expected to treat each other in a kind, courteous and friendly manner.

Then, we teach our older pupils about bullying: what it is, the consequences it can have and that the school takes bullying extremely seriously. Alongside this we foster a culture of ‘caring and openness’ amongst the pupils themselves. This means that if a pupil does have a problem, not only do they feel secure enough to speak up, but their friends are also extremely quick to highlight their concerns to staff and thus we are able to deal with issues quickly before they escalate and become a serious problem.

Mealtimes are particularly important at the Prep, and staff and pupils eat together as one big family, with older children helping to serve the younger ones. We believe that sitting down together for meals helps to foster a sense of community and encourage good manners. This has additional benefits as it also helps to ease the transition for our younger pupils from the pre-prep through to the main school, because they already know the older pupils and teachers.

Finally, we have strong links with our pupils’ parents and encourage involvement of the wider family through events such as our grandparents’ day, school plays and sports days. This allows parents and families to be involved with their children’s schooling and if there are problems outside of school, we already have a good understanding about family relationships and are able to provide the support needed.