Why Choose Denstone College Preparatory School at Smallwood Manor? | First-class All-round Education

We are passionate about providing a first-class all-round education, where each child’s development and social wellbeing is as important as their academic achievement.

Naturally, we believe a child’s education is the foundation for long term success and want our pupils to achieve their full potential.

Our curriculum encompasses the traditional subjects of maths, English, science and the humanities, coupled with ICT, sport, music, theatre and art.  But when it comes to lessons, our motto is that ‘we don’t teach classes, we teach individuals’ and each child’s needs are catered for.

All children are screened in Year Three. This allows us to identify any special needs and, thanks to a teacher to pupil ratio of one to six, we can closely monitor progress and tailor our teaching methods to suit each child’s natural development. Dyslexia support is also available onsite.

When it comes to evaluating the success of our teaching methods we let our results do the talking. We have been rated as good and often excellent by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). Furthermore, all our pupils are successful in passing the entrance exams into their chosen senior schools and many go on to receive scholarships or exhibitions.

Socially, we want our pupils to leave Denstone Prep School as well rounded individuals ready, for the challenges of life at their chosen senior school.  We foster the traditional Christian values of good manners, respect and responsible behaviour. As a result, our children are encouraged to take on greater levels of responsibility as they move through the school. This culminates in Year Six when they apply for different posts such as: nursery worker, librarian and sports equipment monitor.

Ultimately, at Denstone College Preparatory School at Smallwood Manor, we take a holistic approach to education. By nurturing your children’s talents, building on their strengths and helping them to overcome weaknesses, we will create the foundation for long term success.


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