Our passionate and talented teaching staff are dedicated to providing the very best standards of education.  This is backed up by high levels of pastoral care so that our staff ensure that every child is truly nurtured and supported during their time at Denstone College Preparatory School.

Mr Jerry Gear
B.Ed (Hons) (Trinity College, Carmarthen, University of Wales)
Email: headmaster@denstoneprep.co.uk

Deputy Head:
Mrs Helen Griffith
B.Ed., P.G.C.E. (Early Years), M.Ed. (Early Years) (Massey NZ)
Email: helen.griffith@denstoneprep.co.uk

School Business Manager:
Mrs Jill Stone
Email: jill.stone@denstoneprep.co.uk

Main Prep Department

Mrs Tina Belcher
B.A. (Hons) Fashion & Marketing (Nottingham Trent) P.G.C.E. in Design Technology & Art (London Goldsmiths College)
Email: tina.belcher@denstoneprep.co.uk

Miss Helen Bennett
LL.B. (Hons) (Nottingham), P.G.C.E (Cumbria)
Email: helen.bennett@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mr Andy Bettaney
B.A. (Hons) (Nottingham Trent)
Email: andy.bettaney@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Kathy Emmerson-Friend
B.Sc (Hons) (Birmingham), P.G.C.E. (Northampton)
Email: kathleen.friend@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mr Martin Genders
B.Ed (Hons) (De Montfort)
Email: martin.genders@denstoneprep.co.uk

Ms Lindsey Hart
BA (Hons) (Lincoln and Hull), Q.T.S.
Email: lindsey.hart@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Jayne Lea
B.A. (Hons)(Manchester), Q.T.S.
Email: jayne.lea@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Sally McKenzie
B.Sc (Hons) Manchester, P.G.C.E.
Email: sally.mckenzie@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Amanda Greene
BA Applied Languages (French & Spanish) – Dublin City University
PGCE, QTS – University of Wales Insitute, Cardiff
MA Education — Staffordshire University
Email: amanda.greene@denstoneprep.co.uk

Main Prep Teaching Assistants

Miss Emma (Mrs Emma Hart)
Mont. Dip. Ed.
Email: emma.hart@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mr Geoff Kelly
Dip. Physical Recreational and Adventurous Training
Email: geoff.kelly@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Caroline Lucas
Child Care & Education Level 3,
Teaching Assistant Level 3
Email: caroline.lucas@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Karen Wason
B. Ed (Hons) Primary Education specialising in Art and PE (Derby)
Email: karen.wason@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Tina Wilson
Teaching Assistant & Smallwood Explorer’s Holiday Club Leader
CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools (QCF)
Foundation Degree (Arts) in Children’s & Young People’s Services (Derby)

Mr James Middleton – Teaching Assistant
FDSC in Sport Coaching and PE (Stafford Uni)

Mr Roger Harrison
Main Prep Teaching Assistant
MA Education

Pre-Prep Department

Mrs Claire Clews
B.Ed (Hons) (Wolverhampton)
Email: claire.clews@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mr Michael Eley
BA Hons 3 – 7 Education with QTS (Sheffield Hallam University)
Email: michael.eley@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Vicki Lakin
B.Ed. (Hons) (Reading) PCDL (York)
Email: vicki.lakin@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Charlotte Owston
Email: charlotte.owston@denstoneprep.co.uk

Pre-Prep Assistants

Mrs Gina Boston
CTA 2, B.A. (Hons) in Education (Staffordshire)
Email: gina.boston@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Vicky Fenton
BA (Hons)(Stafford) Q.T.S. (Manchester Metropolitan)
Email: vicky.fenton@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Sally Williams
B.Tech. National Certificate in Childhood Studies
Email: sally.williams@denstoneprep.co.uk

Pre-School Assistants

Senior Supervisor:
Mrs April Barbour
NVQ Level 3
Email: april.barbour@denstoneprep.co.uk

Ms Jenny Ganning
NVQ Level 3
Email: jenny.ganning@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Steph Greatrix
NVQ Level 3
Email: steph.greatrix@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Clare Salt
NVQ Level 3
Email: clare.salt@denstoneprep.co.uk

Miss Jessica Barbour
Squirrels Room Leader (2-3 yr olds)
NVQ Level 3

Mrs Jane Young
Owls Room Leader (3-4 yr olds)
Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies (Staffordshire)
Email: jane.young@denstoneprep.co.uk

Music Department

Director of Music:
Mrs Ann O’Brien
Dip. R.S.A.M.
Email: ann.obrien@denstoneprep.co.uk

Ms Sarah O’Brien – Flute Teacher
BMus R.N.C.M .

Mr Robert Murray – Brass Teacher
BA Hons in Music & Teaching

Mr Chris Hall – Piano Teacher
PGCE, PG Dip, B Mus (hons), Dip ABRSM

Ms Liz Spear  – Cello/String Teacher
Mus.B (Hons) P.G.C.E.

Ms Fiona McManus – Piano Teacher
G.B.S.M, A.R.C.M, A.B.S.M, P.G.C.E

Ms Liz Oughton – Woodwind Instrument & Singing Teacher

Support Staff

School Secretary:
Mrs Elaine Shanley
Email: elaine.shanley@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Emma Warrilow
Email: registrar@denstoneprep.co.uk

Headmaster’s Wife:
Mrs Melanie Gear
BA (Hons) (Kent), PGCE (Cambridge)

Finance Officer:
Miss Fran Harris

Catering Manager:
Mrs Kath McMahon
Email: kath.mcmahon@denstoneprep.co.uk

Mrs Emma Warrilow
Email: emma.warrilow@denstoneprep.co.uk

I.T. Technician:
Mr Andy Emmerson
Email: andy.emmerson@denstoneprep.co.uk