Pupil and Food Councils | Pupils Rule the School

Our pupil and food councils are designed to give our pupils the opportunity to have a say in how their school is run.  Sitting on one of the councils helps pupils to become more morally and socially responsible, increases their sense of community across the school, and helps to raise standards.

The two councils are elected on Denstone Prep School’s annual polling day, with a representative chosen from each Main Prep class.  They meet three times a term with two teachers and work together to identify improvements and introduce new school policies. After meetings, members report back to their respective classes.

Discussions at the pupil council have covered everything from trips and outdoor play equipment to charity fundraising ideas, school buildings and facilities.  The council has introduced a paper recycling scheme and purchased games and activities.

The food council has covered topics including nutrition, food miles, free range, organic, local and seasonal produce, healthy diets and vegetarian options. These discussions have resulted in the introduction of new dishes and snacks.

Being involved with the two councils helps pupils to understand the democratic voting process.  It also gives them a level of responsibility for the introduction of new policies and activities that will have a direct and positive impact on their experiences of the school.

Most importantly, the two councils give our teachers a child’s viewpoint, which often provides a refreshing and valuable perspective.

We hope that through our two councils, pupils can have a greater say in decisions and be more involved with the running of the school, which in turn will make Denstone College Preparatory School a better place for us all.