14th May 2021

Dear Parents,

By the end of this term I will have been a headmaster for over 24 years.  I will also be 60 in April next year. It has always been my intention to retire when I reached the age of 60, while I am still in good health and “young enough” to enjoy the next chapter in my life’s journey.  Our impending move up to Denstone College has helped me to give further consideration to this and I have decided to retire eight months early, at the end of this term.

There are several reasons for this.  Firstly I am finding the role increasingly demanding and although I thoroughly enjoy the job I do, it is absolutely exhausting.  With every year that passes, I am also acutely aware that the age gap between me and the pupils is becoming that much greater and this in itself is a challenge.

Also it is very clear that the role of the Prep School Head will change significantly next year.  This is absolutely as it should be.  The College have their own Head and from my discussions with various people at Denstone, I honestly do not believe that my skill set is right for the new role of leading the Prep School as part of the College.

The move to Denstone College secures the future of both schools and while it has been an enormous privilege and tremendous fun to have led the Prep School over this time, I have absolutely no doubt at all that now is the right time for me to hand over the reins.

I am completely confident that I am leaving the School in really safe hands. I have been really impressed with Lotte Tulloch on a professional level since she was appointed and she is also someone that I warm to immensely each time that we meet. She and the Prep School team will continue to bring the very best out of your children!

I am afraid that this does not mean that you will have seen the last of me. Since I have been at DCPS I have seen very clearly what a tremendous education the children receive as they move through the two schools and Charlie, Joe and Annie will remain in the College as pupils, so from September you will see me and Melanie only as parents, no longer as your children’s Headmaster nor the Headmaster’s Wife.

A great deal remains to be done over the course of this term.  It is going to be great fun and very hard work.  Like you, I am sure, I am really looking forward to everything that we have planned for the children and together we can ensure that we leave this beautiful site on a high note, with so many wonderful memories for us all to look back on and so much exciting development to look forward to.

Thank you for your support.

With best wishes

Jerry Gear