The governors of both Denstone College and Denstone College Preparatory School at Smallwood Manor are now able to provide a further update following their recent feasibility studies.

In the early stages of the process the two sets of governors investigated the possibility of combining the schools on the Denstone College site.  However, the option of moving the preparatory school was rejected due to concerns about the traffic flow through Denstone village and also that the enchanting nature of the Smallwood Manor site would be lost.

Once this decision was made, it seemed appropriate to look more deeply into the issue of single governance. After comprehensive discussions it has been decided that the two schools will move forward positively together but that there are distinct benefits in retaining separate governing bodies (and financial independence).  This will enable each school to take full advantage of working more closely together while allowing for a clearly defined focus on the specific needs of the different age groups.

David Derbyshire and Jerry Gear are continuing to explore avenues of increased communication and cooperation to further the success of both schools. They are excited at the benefits that this new phase will bring. Both schools will be looking to develop their buildings and facilities over the coming months and years.

Steven Varley