17th March 2020
Dear Parents,
Thank you for your continued support. We are aware that we now have a number of children and staff self-isolating as a precaution and that this number may increase.
Currently, expectations are that schools remain open, if at any point schools close staff are preparing to provide distance learning, details which will be forwarded to you soon.
Finally, please see the updated guidance below from public health:
The Government yesterday announced the introduction of new stringent measures to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak in the country.
These are being introduced because of the rapid increase in cases and aim to push the peak of cases into the summer to ease the pressure on the NHS.
Here are the key points:
 Anyone who has a new persistent cough or a temperature of 37.8C or above and anyone who lives with them should stay at home for 14 days
 People should minimise social contact and avoid public transport, pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues
 People should start working from home where they possibly can
 Those over 70 or those who have a significant health condition such as heart disease and lung disease as well as women who are pregnant need to take extra care to minimise social contact for 12 weeks from the end of this week
 Only use the NHS when we really need to
 From tomorrow government will no longer be “supporting” mass gatherings using emergency workers
We will continue to review all information at this difficult time and share it with you as promptly as possible. We do not currently have any confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in school.
Kind regards,
Tracey Davies
Deputy Head