7 February 2020

Dear Parents,
Department for Education Advice for Early Years Providers and Schools

We have received the following information from the Department for Education:-

The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking action at home and abroad.
The overall risk of Coronavirus to the UK remains moderate. However we understand that people may be concerned where there are children, students or staff returning from or visiting China.
The latest information and advice can be found at:
As half-term approaches, we ask that any pupil or family who intends to travel to/from, or have direct contact with anyone from a Novel Coronavirus affected area, inform us before they travel.
A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus.
Please help to support the campaign which promotes basic hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses.
The poster at the link below will be displayed in School. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5e35b25740f0b609169cb52a/coronavirus-public-info-poster-2.pdf
Kind regards,
Jerry Gear