1112, 2017

Fun in the Snow!

Mr Gear treated the children to an extended break today to take advantage of the snow which we don't see here very often!  Most children had brought suitable clothing for the weather and had great [...]

1112, 2017

Y3 and Y4 Girls Hockey Training Session with Lisa Prince

The Year 3 and Year 4 girls were excited as Miss Bennett had organised for Lisa Prince (nee Bayliss) to come in to train with them.  Lisa has represented Great Britain many times in hockey [...]

1711, 2017

Choir Investment and Eucharist Service

Father Brendan took a lovely service today and invested our new choir.  It was a very special service with some lovely solo performances by; Anton on the piano, Uma on the piano, Su-Shan on the [...]

1611, 2017

Thursday Results of the Referendum

The Big Question: Would we like/use an outdoor table tennis table on the Practice Pitch? We now have a very keen electorate that are very engaged in the process. The results: Yes- 58 No- 28 [...]

1611, 2017

The Big Question: Thursday

This week is UK Parliament Week. Today's big question: Would we like/use an outdoor table tennis table on the Practice Pitch? Thanks to Anton for contributing the question.

1611, 2017

Wednesday Results of the Referendum

The Big Question: Should we allow Main Prep pupils to choose where to sit at lunchtime? Another keen turn out. Happily, this question prompted much debate, this is a key part of the referendum process. [...]

1511, 2017

Parliament Week at DCPS

UK Parliament Week is an annual festival that engages people from across the UK with Parliament, explores what it means to them and empowers them to get involved. Here at DCPS we have been learning [...]

1511, 2017

The Big Question: Wednesday

This week is UK Parliament Week. Today's big question: Should we allow main prep pupils to choose where to sit at lunchtime? Thanks to Tilly for contributing the question.

1511, 2017

Tuesday Results of Referendum

The votes have been counted by an external adjudicator. There was 100% turn out to vote from the electorate (Main Prep teachers and pupils), 87 votes cast. The big question: Should we allow chocolate snacks [...]

1411, 2017

The Big Question: Tuesday

This week is UK Parliament Week. Today's big question: Should we allow chocolate snacks at break time?  

1311, 2017

UK Parliament Week

It is UK Parliament Week. In order to 'Engage. Explore. Empower.' the pupils with all things Parliamentary, we will be holding a lunchtime referendum on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. The Big Question asked [...]

1311, 2017

Friday’s Sport with Year 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 had a great afternoon of sports.  The girls played inter-house hockey whilst the boys had an afternoon of rugby practice.  It was a sunny but cold afternoon but it didn't stop [...]

1011, 2017

Year 3 – Teeth

Teeth! In Science this week Year 3 have been learning about Teeth! We have looked carefully to identify the different roles of each type of tooth and most importantly, how to look after them. Having [...]

1310, 2017

Taste Testing

Class 3 have been carrying out blindfolded taste tests in Science this week. They had to try foods blindfolded and see if they could recognise them by using just their sense of taste and smell. Every [...]

1210, 2017

Year 3 – Money In Maths

On Wednesday 11th October, some of Year 3 were introduced to money by our Acting Deputy Head, Mr Cook.  He talked with the children about the difference between pounds(£) and pennies.  Some children made us [...]

1210, 2017

Main Prep Disco Gets Underway!

The children were full of excitement and fun prior to actually going into the gym for their school disco.  Dave Dee was ready and the time had come for the hair brushing, waxing, spraying to [...]

2509, 2017

Year 3 PE

Year 3 today have been practising their balance, co-ordination and communication skills during PE.  Mr Kelly has been with the children helping them to catch, run and score during various games of Bench Ball.  The [...]

1509, 2017

Wonderful Wands and Wishes

Our Game:  After break today Years 3 and 4 got together again to work with their buddies.  They played a great warm up game of "1,2,3 Where Are You?"  This is where the children scatter themselves all over [...]

709, 2017

Buddy Time!

Year 3 and Year 4 caught up with each other today for a buddy session after break.  They sat in the outdoor classroom and had some special time sitting with with their buddy and working [...]

509, 2017

Year 3’s Welcome to Main Prep!

Its been a busy day for our new Year 3 class.  Miss Hart has given them a tour of the building and given them lots of information to help them settle into their new environment.  [...]