U9 Hockey v Stafford Prep – 26th September

Stafford Prep 6 – DCPS 1

The Under 9A team consisting of Captain Charlotte, Imogen, Josephine, Lydia, Isabella, Emily, Tilly M, and Katie made their hockey debuts away at Stafford Prep.  The girls played tremendously well together as a whole team and their discipline at holding their positions on the pitch meant that when Stafford Prep overloaded the ball by having several of their players tackling our one player in possession of the ball, they were able to smother the ball away and drive towards goal. Some defensive errors where we were sometimes reluctant to make tackles allowed Stafford Prep to take advantage of open goals, however, Denstone Prep showed their resilience and persistence when through some great teamwork to pass the ball from Tilly M at centre back out to Katie and Lottie on the wings and they jointly worked together to drive the ball down the flanks and combined well with Imogen who got the final touch to push ball the over the line for a late consolation goal for Denstone Prep.

Girl of the Game: Imogen for her fearless approach to tackling.