DCPS v St Bede’s Swimming gala  – 11th October 2017

 The Denstone Prep Under 11/10 girls and boys swim team consisting of: 

 Year 6 girls: Georgina; Isabel C; Grace; Uma; Mia; Isobel W and Eloise 

Year 6 boys: Joe B; Charles W and Max W 

Year 5 girls: Phoebe; Verity; Esther; Caoimhe; Tilly D; Emily F; Daisy; Cleo; Evangeline P; Isla; Darcie and Su Shan.  

Year 5 boys: Louis Chee; Will V and George  

hosted St Bede’s in a friendly swimming gala. The boys were first to get us underway with Max winning the boys Individual Medley (IM) (4 lengths of butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and front crawl) followed by Anton then swimming a particularly strong IM himself. The girls then took over with Isla and Evangeline representing the school in the girls IM event. The Individual back stroke was next up, followed by the Individual butterfly and the individual front crawl. A series of relays – the backstroke, breaststroke, and medley relay then led up to the grand finale of the event – the front crawl relay.  

 With every swimmer swimming at least 2 races during the course of the gala and some superb swims from Georgina, Isabel C, Grace, Isobel W and Eloise, Max and Anton, Isla, Evangeline and Darcie to name a small few, it was a fantastic event. Hannah was her ever helpful self, ensuring none of the backstroke swimmers collided with the wall and Miss Bennett got a true soaking from a St Bede’s swimmer.  

 The children were keen to know if we had won or lost the gala but as it was a friendly no scores were being kept. Instead it was the sight of children such as Charles W, Louis Chee, Esther and Verity who were initially concerned about the event but achieved immensely well and seeing the smile on their faces and the pride of the staff as every child put in their best effort was the real winner of the afternoon.