U10 Hockey v Yarlet

Yarlet – 0

DCPS – 2

The U10s finished the term with a brilliant 2-0 victory against Yarlet. DCPS always looked dangerous with the defensive group alert and able to deal with any danger, the midfield combinations always pushing forward, and the forwards moving and taking players out of the D to open channels for passes and shots. A brilliant end to the term and a great reward for all of their effort.

Girl of the Game: awarded to Darcie by Yarlet but too difficult for Miss B to decide so everyone for their individual contributions to the team.

Phoebe – fantastic movement.

Esther – brilliant interceptions.

Caoimhe – fantastic interceptions and clearances.

Tilly D – great movement.

Daisy – superb pushing the team forward and scoring a goal.

Cleo – brilliant running up and down the wing, getting stuck into tackles at every chance and cleanly winning the ball.

Evangeline – always looked competent in the goal despite this being her first match as GK and made some great stops.

Isla – great movement off of the ball and always looking to move players for the midfield pair.

Su Shan – always trying her hardest moving up and down and holding position on the wing.

Darcie – brilliant movement, very rarely letting the ball get passed the half way line and terrific on the attack. Outstanding shot at goal with clinical finishing.