U11/10 Orienteering with St Bede’s – 8th November

Emily F and Tilly D declared orienteering champions!

In a change to the sporting calendar, DCPS senior girls visited St Bede’s for an afternoon of competitive orienteering. Teaming up into pairs, the girls joined with a St Bede’s girl to make a team of three to compete against each other using their map reading skills to locate points on a map and obtain information from that point.

In the first warm up activity, the map was restricted to the temple area, with each girl in the team running individually to their designated point on the map and obtaining the information from that point in a round robin team tag activity to ensure each girl understood orienteering. After a few ‘Miss/ Sir, I don’t get it,’ and further explanations, Caoimhe and Daisy 😊 were soon back on track and sprinting to their posts writing down the number they had to retrieve.

After the first activity was completed, it was onto the real competitive point of the afternoon – Team orienteering. Using the map to orientate themselves, as well as the knowledge of the St Bede’s girl in their team, the girls had to go in teams and write down information from the points in a race against the clock. To see the girls working terrifically well as a team with their St Bede’s counterpart was fantastic and our girls got so much out of the afternoon learning about orienteering and map reading. At the end of the event, after times were adjusted to take into account a staggered start and penalty points for missed posts and wrong information, Team 10 including Emily F and Tilly D along with their St Bede’s partner were declared the orienteering champions narrowly beating the second place team by 10 seconds only!

A huge thanks goes to Mrs Wheat at St Bede’s for organising such a wonderfully fun afternoon of activity for the children.