We pride ourselves in delivering an outstanding, truly rounded ICT curriculum throughout. Lessons are taught in a variety of ways including whole class sessions in our ICT suite to small guided group activities. Our ICT curriculum has been developed to incorporate the needs of each individual child to enable them to move forward with the ever-increasing demands of our advancing technological age.

All children are taught about the vital need to remain safe online and whilst using computers. They are taught to navigate a range of technologies, including programming Bee Bots, transferring these skills to programming computer-generated robots and learning a variety of coding skills using Purple Mash 2Code and Scratch.
Children are taught skills including Word Processing and Touch Typing, PowerPoint and Presentation, Spreadsheets and Formulae, Photography, Digital Downloads including Comic Life, Emailing and Website development alongside Coding.
Our ICT curriculum is cross curricular and enables children to learn the skills of ICT throughout everyday learning which gives children the opportunity to reinforce prior learning in a variety of differing subjects.
ICT is always advancing, and we are committed to develop our curriculum and learning to meet the needs and requirements of the new technological era.