It seems a very long time since I last posted a blog. My accident and subsequent recovery has been a very frustrating time for me and I have been playing catch up since returning to work just after half term.

It really is great to be back and I cannot thank the staff and governors enough for the way that they have rallied together in my absence to ensure that the School has continued to run so well. The children are thriving and this year’s entrance exam results to senior schools were excellent, with 18 scholarships being the icing on a very impressive cake. They leave us with a great deal to offer their next schools and I wish them every success and happiness for the future.

The Trinity term ended with two wonderful performances of “Mary Poppins”. I always look forward to school plays and the standard of our plays never ceases to amaze me. Standing up in front of people and speaking can be nerve-wracking in itself, but when you throw acting and choreography into the mix, there is a huge amount for the children to concentrate on and it really is very challenging. At times the stage was packed with children and yet they still managed to dance and move without colliding with one another. This is not as easy as it sounds when so many children are involved and bears testimony to how hard they worked on the show.

LAMDA focuses on one part of drama in particular, the children’s ability to speak in public and this year we have again had 100% pass rate, with every pupil receiving either a merit or a distinction.

Five children passed their grade V examination in the speaking of verse & prose, which is a Year 8 recommended examination. They have all now started Grade VI, working now towards a bronze medal which is a GCSE equivalent examination. In our Pre-prep, two children got a merit for their Grade II which is a Year 5 recommended exam. These achievements are quite extraordinary.

Yesterday I went to the cricket world cup semi-final in Birmingham and saw what came closest to a perfect performance by England as I have seen in the fifty years that I have been watching and playing sport. Australia are a very good side, as they showed in the group stages and I thought England were absolutely magnificent yesterday. Whether they will be good enough to beat New Zealand on Sunday is another matter. They will certainly be over-whelming favourites, but once the game starts that will be irrelevant. And that is the beauty of sport. If you go and see a play or a film, the ending will always be the same, but when you go and see a sports match you never know quite how it is going to end. One thing’s for certain though and that is that there will be a new name on the world cup as neither side has won it before.

It is continuing to be an amazing summer of sport. Our women came so close in the football world cup, the netball world cup starts in Liverpool today, both the men’s and the women’s cricket teams are playing Australia for the Ashes and on Sunday alone we have the British Grand Prix, the Men’s Singles final at Wimbledon and the Cricket World Cup final. We certainly want participators not spectators here, but occasionally, spectating is a fantastic option!

Enjoy the summer.

Jerry Gear