Many of you will have seen the “My Family and the Galapagos” series on Channel 4 over the holidays. Monty Halls, the man who took his family to live on the islands for six weeks and make a television series out of it, also created the Leaderbox activities which Years 2 & 5 have fun trying to solve in various lessons with me over the course of the year. Monty has two very small daughters, aged three and five and he and his wife, Tam left their home in Devon for a completely different family experience, with the end result being a wonderful series that was both educational and awe inspiring. My whole family were hooked from the first minute of the first episode.

You will be aware just how unique and also how fragile the Galapagos Islands are and Monty is also President of the Galapagos Conservation Trust. Last week he hosted a fund raising party in London to help to promote awareness of the Islands and to raise money for a wonderful cause. Melanie & I were lucky enough to be invited to this and on the evening we learnt even more about the islands, both from people who actually live there and from unseen footage from the series. As someone with a love of scuba diving, this would be one of my top five places to visit in the world, but even without the diving, the access to such a huge variety of wildlife that the Galapagos provides makes the islands completely unique.

Both the show and last Friday evening emphasised the dangers that the islands face from plastic pollution and gratuitous killing of sharks to name but two issues that they are currently contenting with. We raised over £19,000 on the evening, but so much more is still needed. If you want to find out more about the Galapagos Islands, the Conservation Trust website:
www.galapagosconservation.org.uk is full of information about how you can become involved. If you have ever visited the Islands I would love to hear from you!