With one of our Critical Workers’ children confirmed as positive for Covid last Monday, a number of us have found ourselves isolating at home until midnight tonight (1/2/21).

I feel that I am incredibly lucky, because my method of dealing with the stress and pressure that just occasionally arises when you run a school has been to hit the gym and do something physical.   I’ve been doing this for well over 30 years now and have gradually accumulated a decent amount of kit that enables me to train at home.  So, I am able to maintain my sanity, but how I have missed taking Merlin for a walk this weekend.  We have tended to go out as a family to do this every Saturday and Sunday during lockdown and if I wake up early enough I often take him on my own as well before breakfast.  You can walk for miles from here across the fields without seeing anyone and whatever the season, it is absolutely beautiful, relaxing and good for the soul.

The good news, of course, is that all being well, I can get back to this next weekend, but if I can’t, it’ll just mean a bit more time on the treadmill or the weights bench to keep me smiling!

It really is amazing how modern technology is developing so quickly to provide more and more variety with regard to distance learning.  I was reading an article by OFSTED this afternoon about how best to teach remotely and this confirmed everything else I have read and been told, principally that it is not good practice to make every lesson a live lesson.

Variety is always the spice life of and this applies to distance learning as much as anything else.  If our teachers taught in exactly the same way in every classroom lesson the children would become bored and would not learn so effectively.  It is also worth pointing out that most of our teachers are covering the Critical Workers’ children in school for half a day a week.  This is half a day when live teaching is clearly impossible and also half a day that effectively takes away from the teachers their PPA or non-contact time for the week.  This in turn increases the pressure on them and it amazes me that they are able to rise to this challenge, working harder than ever in an incredibly difficult time with such good humour and producing such a variety of wonderful lessons.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is gradually becoming brighter.  Thanks for your support – this really is a team effort!

Jerry Gear