Our Christmas Fair a couple of weeks ago set the tone for what has been an increasingly “Christmassy” feel around the school which has not surprisingly gathered momentum when the first doors of the advent calendars were opened at the beginning of the month.

The Christmas tree and decorations have gone up and preparations for the end of term and various celebrations and performances are being rehearsed and rehearsed to ensure that we are ready for everything that is coming up. The first of these took place today when the pre-school and pre-prep treated us to two wonderful nativity plays. Performances from children of this age are always hugely entertaining and “The Christmas Star“ and “The Sleepy Shepherd” certainly lived up to our expectations. Children as young as two confidently strode on to the stage, spoke with tremendous clarity and sung their hearts out. It was a really special event and my thanks to all of the staff for preparing the children so well, to the parents for helping them to learn their lines and most importantly to the children who performed the two versions of the Christmas story in such an entertaining and enjoyable way.

As soon as the nativity plays finished I shot down to Waitrose in Uttoxeter to hear our choir entertain the shoppers with some wonderful carol singing. This is the first time that we have done this at Waitrose and it was a very enjoyable experience. As ever, the choir sang beautifully, many people stopped to enjoy the carols on their way into or out of the store and they were also able to enjoy our art display which can be seen behind the check-out tills and will certainly be staying up for the next few weeks.

The choir will be performing at Denstone College’s carol service on Sunday evening, followed by our annual visit to the Denstone Hall Farm Shop for more carols at 1000 on Tuesday morning. We then have our own carol service on Thursday evening at 1700 hrs. This is always a very special occasion and one that I really do look forward to. If we don’t feel ready for Christmas after all of this we never will and I’ve not even mentioned the Christmas lunch, nativity trip, the pre-school and pre-prep’s Christmas treat, Christmas singalong and the lovely Christingle service that ends the term in pre-prep. It is a special time of year and it really is wonderful to be part of our school community at this time.

Minibus Driver
We are looking for a minibus driver to start next term, working from 0800 – 0900 every morning during term time. If anyone knows someone who might fit the bill please ask them to get in touch with me.
Jerry Gear