On Friday twelve children in the prep school took Holy Communion for the first time and one of them, Lola, was baptised so that she could take her Communion.

I am very grateful to Father Brendan and Father Graham for running the classes for all of the children and for arranging for Lola to be christened. This was recorded in the register from Denstone College which dates back to the College’s inception in 1882 and there are quite a number of children whose baptism is recorded in this book who subsequently became pupils at DCPS, or Smallwood Manor, as it was for many of them. While we have had babies baptised in the chapel before, we believe that this is the first time that one of our pupils has undergone this very special experience, prior to receiving the Eucharist for the first time. However, I did meet one adult who attended the service who had been baptised in our swimming pool as an adult, so our history is rich with religious rites over the years.

Friday’s service was very special and I found it extremely moving. I hope that the twelve children who took Communion for the first time will find the experience that they had to be the next step in a long and meaningful part of their lives. I also hope that other children will be inspired to follow in their footsteps next year, when Father Brendan and Father Graham will hold the next series of classes for those wishing to take their first communion and as Lola showed on Friday, baptism can easily be added to the service!