Year 4’s assembly last week was a joy to behold. The link that we have with our environment has never been more important and they reminded us very forcefully of our responsibilities towards nature and trees in particular. It was a very entertaining presentation, getting a serious message across , often in a light-hearted way and the children performed with tremendous confidence.

What made it really impressive was the fact that they had put the whole show together in less than two weeks, had learned their lines, gathered together the necessary props and costumes and supported one another in every way to ensure that their assembly was a success. Hats off to them and, of course, to Mrs Emmerson-Friend.

We saw some extraordinary hairstyles and colours for our non-uniform day on Friday to raise money for the refugees. This is a wonderful cause to support; few of us can really have any idea how it must feel to lose absolutely everything, your job, your home, your country and not to know where you are going to or what the future holds for you or your family. Any support, no matter how small, that we can provide can only be a positive step and although we have not yet counted all the money, it is clear that quite a bit has come in.

We had nearly 70 people camping out on Friday evening for Year 3’s family camp. The rain stayed away and it was a very enjoyable evening involving cooking over the firepit, swimming, a quiz around the school and games in the dark. It was interesting to see just how much earlier it got dark compared to Year 6’s camp of two weeks ago and it is certainly time for the tents to go away for a few months now! I am vey grateful to Ms hart, Mrs Davies, Mrs Wason and Mrs Whirledge for all of their help over the course of the camp.

Clay pigeon club began in earnest last week, with the children shooting for the first time and Beginners’ Spanish started, a club open to both children and adults. Breakfast club also ran for the first time this term and was very well attended. Next half term’s one is due on Friday 20th November, so make a note in your diary.
Please also note the Friends’ Barn Dance on Friday 2nd October. Tickets are selling fast!

Jerry Gear