Values-based Education

Over the course of the last term and a half we have done a great deal of work geared towards introducing a new values-based education system into the School.

This has taken quite a bit of time as everyone connected with the Denstone College Prep School, pupils, parents, staff and governors, has had the opportunity to make a contribution  and put forward some suggestions and this included input from Neil and Jane Hawkes, international experts in this field.

We have finally come up with ten values for living and ten values for learning:

Living Learning
Happiness Fun
Kindness Endeavour
Respect Resilience
Honesty Teamwork
Humour Creativity
Tolerance Risk
Courage Reflection
Empathy Independence
Integrity Curiosity
Peace Confidence

We chose ten so that we could focus on two during each month that we are actually in school and the two for this month are resilience and happiness.  Work will be done on both of these in assemblies and during PSHE lessons and in due course you will start to notice display work going up based around these as well.

It is really important that we all promote these values; to do so successfully will make our school an even better place to work in and be associated with.  So expect plenty of information coming out about these every month from now on!

If you would like to download our values please click here.

Jerry Gear