At DCPS the English teaching develops our pupil’s communication skills and increases their command of language through speaking, listening, reading and writing. Reading is at the core of our English teaching. From Skulduggery Pleasant to the Lady of Shallot we carefully select texts to inspire our writing. When our pupils write newspaper articles, diaries, instructional texts etc they are galvanized through our reading of such stimulating texts.

Pupils also learn from short extracts of fiction and non-fiction texts. Often using drama and role play activities, they are taught the features of the genre of writing and grammar through these lessons. The progression in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) provides our pupils with a firm understanding of how to construct exciting sentences that are embedded into a well-structured composition.

Our school has recently enrolled onto the Comparative Judgement for Schools scheme. This ensures that we can make comparative judgements of our pupils’ writing alongside 150,000 primary schools in England. This cutting-edge assessment tool uses repeated comparisons, the resulting data is statistically modelled and responses placed on a scale of relative quality.