Art & Design Technology

Art in School | Exploring Creative Talent

Denstone College Preparatory pupils are encouraged to explore their creative talents through an exciting and engaging programme of art in school. We have a dedicated school art facility where pupils are taught to paint in acrylics and watercolour as well as undertaking printing, clay and three dimensional work.

Specialist art teaching ensures a consistently high standard of work, which is imaginatively displayed throughout the school. We also take part in national events such as The Big Draw.

Art Scholarships

Art Scholars are a group of pupils from Year 4 onwards, specifically chosen for their talent, achievement and dedication to the Fine Arts. Students may excel in drawing, painting, sculpture, 3D, creative or textile art. Students are selected when they display an aptitude for good use of the visual elements, a mature approach to using the art room, materials and equipment, creative ideas and a thirst for the arts.

Year 4 is a foundation year where students experiment with projects of their choice and practise techniques learnt in class. They also enter many competitions to build their skill levels and develop an understanding of how to create a design brief and the needs of a client or end user. Entering competitions and exhibitions also builds resilience and confidence.

Year 5 is the year students will begin building a quality portfolio, so the students will continue to practise and develop their skills, refine work they have produced in class and any projects they propose themselves, together with work they may be doing at home. They will also continue to enter a range of competitions and exhibitions including local agricultural shows, national art competitions, the SATIPS exhibition and exhibiting at Waitrose. They will mount and present their work in a refined and ordered way in preparation for the potential scholarship entry to the school of their choice in January of Year 6.

Year 6 – during the Michaelmas term the students will continue refining and presenting their work for scholarship entry, building their portfolio building in preparation for the entrance exam for the school of their choice.

Once the entrance exams are over, the scholars continue to help in the department by assisting in the design and painting with the play sets and will continue to add to and improve their portfolio.