Achievements and Inspections

The most important aspect of your child’s education is that they enjoy it. Happy children, indeed, happy people, tend to perform to the very best of their ability, whereas those who are listless, lethargic or disinterested under-achieve.

We feel that by showing respect to our children, caring for them and making them feel valued, we will see them flourish, exceeding expectations and achieving in so many different areas.

Scholarships and Exhibitions

In the Independent School system, to gain entrance to their chosen senior school, pupils must sit entrance examinations in English and Maths. The pupils who achieve the highest grades from all those who have sat the exams are then awarded Scholarships or Exhibitions. Where applicable, pupils can also be assessed on their musical, artistic and sporting abilities and, if successful, will receive scholarships for tuition. Scholarships provide financial awards for academic performance or on the basis of notable ability. Scholarships can therefore be essential in helping children to realise their talent and full potential.
When they reach Year Six, pupils receive study skills classes to prepare them for the external entrance and scholarship exams for their chosen senior school, usually Denstone College.
We are currently enjoying the most successful period in the school’s history when it comes to academic awards. 103 scholarships and exhibitions in the last six years, spread over academia, sport, music, drama art and all-rounder’s awards paints just part of a very impressive picture.

Independent School’s Inspectorate

Our recent inspection reports have helped us to become an even better school whilst also recognising many of our strengths, “pupils are exceptionally happy and well balanced”, and identifies the excellent progress that children make during their time with us.  We are preparing children not just for senior school, but for the world that awaits them when they walk through the school gates for the very last time, a world that is changing more rapidly than any of us have experienced in our lifetime up to this point, a world where many of our children will be going into jobs that do not exist yet and where they may well live to be 100 years old and have up to 40 jobs before they retire.

We have a responsibility to help our children make progress in every area, leading them down different pathways in terms of leisure activities, giving them opportunities to enjoy residential trips and learn from taking challenges that take them well outside their comfort zone, showing them different ways to learn, to study and to prepare for the many challenges that await them. Above all we strive to help them to be kind, considerate and thoughtful towards one another.

This is what a Woodard school is all about. Good manners, respect and understanding the spiritual side of life and education goes a long way towards helping our children to improve in other ways. We support one another and we care for one another. Furthermore, our children are encouraged to take on greater levels of responsibility as they move through the school. This culminates in Year Six when they apply for different posts such as: pre-prep worker, librarian and sports equipment monitor.

Family camping evenings, clubs open to parents as well as children, sleepovers in the manor house and fantastic lunches, match teas and family breakfasts all go a long way to strengthen this sense of community. It is a real adventure!

Open Days and Tours

We hold regular open days and tours to allow parents and their children to come and meet headteacher, Jerry Gear and the rest of our teaching staff and look around our extensive facilities.