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Year 6 had a brilliant day as they ventured to West Midlands Safari Park where they explored animals from around the world; discovered how animals had adapted to their habitats and got to meet some very friendly and furry creatures.  First up was a drive through the safari where many species were spotted, animals from all over the world including white lions and tigers; giraffes; Dholes; Indian Rhinos; cheetahs; camels; deers and the new baby elephant.  The safari tour buses were then disembarked and the group headed straight to the penguins at Penguin Cove before settling down to see some animals from around the world, up close and personal.  The first visitor was a Millipede from Africa, followed by the first “aahhh” animal ‘Bob’, the Madagascan ‘Lesser Hedgehog Tenrec’. Many more animals followed including a snake, bearded dragon, raccoon dog and skunk, before the “sooooooo soft” South American Chinchilla visited and finally an Armadillo went for a wander around the room.  The sight of all of these animals brought on many cries of “aahhh” and “cute”.  Following this the children departed to go and meet West Midlands very own Callum – a sea lion who performed many fantastic tricks.  The rest of the day was spent exploring the park – visiting the new dinosaur exhibit, laughing at Harvey, Issy B and Alex being used as perches by the Lorikeets, seeing the Hippos lazing on the banks, cowering at the size of the crocodiles and massive pythons; ducking as bats swooped; watching the lemurs roaming around the park and seeing the meerkats ‘standing guard’.  The day was absolutely amazing with many memories created – along with a photograph album – or two!

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