The year 6 children visited Derby Magistrates Court where they held their own assault trial, criminal damage trial and breach of a court order trial. The children took on many different roles including Magistrates; Prosecution and defence solicitors; witnesses and in some cases defendants to argue whether the offences had been committed or not. The cases themselves followed real life cases that had been heard in Court less than a year before them and the results very nearly mirrored the real life cases before them. Henry was particularly impressive as a Prosecution Solicitor ensuring 2 of the 3 defendants in his case were found guilty (only one was in the original case!)

The children did remarkably well to take on their roles with such gusto and the trials showed how the children have matured beyond their years through their behaviour throughout and in the manner they  presented themselves in their respected roles.

A huge thank you must go to Mrs Hotchkiss for helping organise the trip allowing children despite them being under the legal age limit to be permitted into Court along with Mrs Makepeace for her help at Court on both days advising and guiding the prosecution and defence solicitors and Mr Ross Watson J.P. for his help in his magisterial role and looking after our young magistrates during both mornings. Thanks also to Mr Bettaney and Mr Kelly to facilitate getting the children to the Court and supervising throughout.

Miss Bennett