Year 6 geographers experience ‘Polar Exploration’

Year 6 Geographers have been finding out what it feels like to be polar explorers – going into the unknown, with only a guide…. and a sense of humour. The day in question couldn’t have mirrored the realities of Polar Exploration any better as the mercury plummeted and the children were met with genuinely freezing conditions in which they had to explore new land.

In order to experience the unknown, the children wore hats, scarves, sleep masks….in fact anything that we could find to cover their eyes.  Then the guides were tasked with directing their sensory deprived partner who had to put their full faith in their sighted guide to lead them safely to a destined new land, where they had to discover what was waiting for them. Some of their adventures took them up and down unchartered territory (secret passages) and into benches and across headmasters lawn as they struggled with knowing their left from right and this way from that way (although we never really did find out which way is this way to a blindfolded person!)

Much fun was had with the many different directional styles – some children opting for the clear, careful and concise directions whilst others adopted a clap and follow the sound way of communicating and finally some in the end resorted to ‘scream at their partner as loud as they possibly can’ approach.

The children, through the experience, were able to recognise that even when in surroundings they recognised, they were very much slower and unsure of their steps, allowing them to have a better understanding about what ‘going into the unknown’ actually felt like for polar explorers all those years ago.