Well who knows…he may well have done according to information Year 6 has

been finding out about the famous legend.

There is the old poem ‘The Birth of Robin Hood’ – set at Tutbury Castle in east Staffordshire.

There is the ‘MaidMarion’ character who features in the annual Abbots Bromley Horn Dance.

There are the ‘RobinHood’s Stride’ hills up in the east Moorlands and – if you want to associate Robin definitely with Sherwood Forest – did you know the Forest’s boundaries once stretched as far as Staffordshire?

Ballads suggest that Robin Hood was born in Locksley Town – but there is no town named this on record in Nottinghamshire.  However, there is a Loxley in Staffordshire, near Needwood Forest! Hence… ‘Robin of Loxley’.

For homework children were asked to investigate the famous legend and decide for themselves the extent to which they feel Robin Hood is fact or fiction.  We have had some fantastic mini projects come into school and the debate continues as with every famous legend!

After the exams we will be focusing on the fictional element of the legend, continuing the story of Robin Hood and his attempt to rescue Maid Marian via Mortimer’s Hole – another legend in it’s own right!


Mortimer’s Hole: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/tpa/caves/c/cd1/history.htm