One of our Year 6 students, Dan Parrans- Smith, is an avid karter, and a couple of weeks ago he took part in the East Anglian Kart Championships at Kimbolton Circuit, Cambridgeshire.

Against fierce National competition he managed a podium in 3rd place in the final, having never finished off the podium in all of the previous days heats and qualifying (with grids of 30+ drivers in each). This was quite an accolade as previous podium finishers have gone much further up the motorsport ladder!



This is the official race report:

Grand Final 4 – Honda Cadet –  The leading train comprised Joshua Patterson, Matthew Hyde, Daniel Parrans-Smith, with Jack Plant and Callum Tanner a little way behind. Plant managed to bridge the gap and lock on to the back of Parrans-Smith. This spurred Parrans-Smith into action and he made a move for second. With Parrans-Smith and Hyde side by side down the start/finish straight it was a tossup who would gain the advantage into Stow. Parrans-Smith made it and Plant followed him to push Hyde back to fourth. A few laps later, Patterson left the door open at Stow and all three of his pursuers made it past him, but a lap later he was back in the lead! The result was still in doubt as positions changed throughout the lap, but it was Plant who managed to get his nosecone over the line fractionally ahead of Patterson, with Parrans-Smith taking third in similar fashion. 

1st – Jack Plant, 2nd – Joshua Patterson, 3rd – Daniel Parrans-Smith