Year 6 children have continued to focus on Polar regions in geography. As such, they recently learned the impact global warming is having on Polar ice sheets and its implications for people and Polar Bears especially. More recently the children have looked at structures built by Polar people to survive in extreme conditions and the focus for this was the snow houses or snow huts originally built by the Inuit (Eskimo) people, better known to us as igloos. Igloos are normally built when the snow can be easily compacted and as such, Inuit people tended to use snow to insulate their houses, which were constructed from whalebone and hides. The Inuit people found that the best snow to use for igloo building is snow which has been blown by wind, which serves to compact and interlock the ice crystals. Animal skins were also used as door flaps to keep warm air in.

Having looked at the construction of igloos, Year 6 were then set a challenge – to build their own polar igloo. Unfortunately in the month of May, Uttoxeter lacks the right quality of snow, and has insufficient numbers of whale bones, animal hides and animal skins available so they adapted and made do with the next best thing – squashies sweets, marshmallows, Mars bites and Lego!

Whilst igloos can sometimes be susceptible from attack by polar bears, our igloos were much more prone to attack from other serious predators – 31 sweet eating year 6 children, Miss Bennett and Mrs Wilson!

Our independent Inuk judge (Mrs Wilson) then had the incredibly difficult task of choosing the best construction. The igloo’s were so fantastically built with children taking their time and using great care in placing each ‘block’. The results were incredibly impressive indeed. However, after much time and thought, she awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd as follows:


  • 1st: Faith, Sophie T and Tyra’s pink and white squashie igloo
  • 2nd: Archie, Jake and Oliver’s green and pink squashie igloo
  • 3rd: Austin, John and Matthew’s lego igloo

The children were impeccably behaved and followed the rules of no eating of the sweets whilst their igloo was under construction, so as a reward left over sealed sweets were shared between the children as a thank you for their behaviour and to stop Miss B eating any more sweets!